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 Canceling a MIPS Function

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PostSubject: Canceling a MIPS Function   Wed Sep 29, 2010 2:44 am

Way One:

1. Open ps2dis.exe and your ram dump, choose "Address from" to 00000000

2. Go to the address of your code by pressing G

3. Press Ctrl & Up and ps2dis.exe will jump to the start of the function

4. Change the value of that address to 0x03e00008 and see if the function is canceled

Way Two:

1. Understand that functions are called with the mips instruction 'jal'

2. If your function start is at address 0x0045C78A then you would enter this into ps2dis.exe

Jal $08C5C78A

then get that value, that would be 0x0E3171E2

3. Search that value in your cheat device, test the results by nop-ing them (Changing the value to 0x00000000) and if it's the right 'jal' it will cancel the function, it actually cancels the jump to the function but it should give the same result. If the code freezes then it might be able to be used as a hook for subroutines, the subroutine will activate when that thing happens, like if you find the shooting function call you can use that jal for your hook and your subroutine will activate when you shoot.


End Tutorial
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Canceling a MIPS Function
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