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PostSubject: Rules   Thu Sep 30, 2010 5:10 pm

1) No hacking the site in anyway.

2) No spam, double posting, pointless posts, posting in the wrong section ect.

3) No flaming people (This includes cursing at people, insulting them, not being able to accept differences and taking it out on others (Insulting/Teasing people), calling them credit stealers ect. (READ RULE 11)

4) No giving false information

5) No porn or other X rated contents

6) No abusing Moderator powers if you have any

7) No leaking things form other sites or from are coder sections

8) No advertising unrecognized sites

9) No credit stealing at all

10) All "enemies" you have here can not be known about HERE, if you don't like someone take it to another site, no flaming with these people at all, if someone does this to you let me know please.

11) The ONLY BBCode you are allowed to use on the darkbb chatbox is: [ b ] [ i ] [ u ] [ strike ] [ color ] anything else is banned and usage will result in a warning then a one day ban from the chatbox (You can if everyone is trying to do BBCode (And that means EVERY single person, not everyone but someone you don't like ect. ;)) or you are the only one on the chatbox.)

12) Do NOT post codes unless they're yours and/or outcomes of a tutorial

13) Do NOT post codes in the wrong place either

14) Must use spoilers for HUGE sigs.

*More can be added*

NOTE: Moderators please add anything you want, just say in the "Reason for editing" what rule numbers you added

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