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 Or, Xor, & And Command Tutorial

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PostSubject: Or, Xor, & And Command Tutorial   Wed Sep 29, 2010 2:43 am

Tutorial by TheEliteOne aka -LeetGamer- aka TH 113 aka xKVQ8x

Commands: Or, Xor, And

First you need to know what Binary is. Binary is another form of counting, like normal numbers (Decimal), and hex numbers (Hexadecimal). But Binary only can use 0 and 1. This is needed to learn these commands, now here is a decimal (Normal number) to Binary converter:


First what the command does is converts the hex value into Binary. So if we had 8 and 2 in hex here will be are binary values:

1000 (This is Cool
10 (This is 2)

Now we need them to be equal, so we add zeros:

1000 (This is Cool
0010 (This is 2)

Now they are equal size. These two binary numbers are what I will be using for all three commands. When I say each set, I mean that the first set is 1 and 0, the second is 0 and 0, the third is 0 and 1, and the last is 0 and 0. Basically each diget in the Binary number.



In each set, the result is 1 if the top diget is one OR the bottom diget is one OR both digets are one, if none of those are true the result is zero.

1010 (This is are result, in decimal it is 10 and in hex it is A)

So 8 || 2 = 10 and in hex: 0x8 || 0x2 = 0xA. The symbol for Or is two of these: ||

Exclusive Or


In each set, the result is 1 if the two digets are different, and the result is 0 if they are the same.

1010 (This is are result, same as last time, but do not think that Or and Xor do the same thing!)

So 8 ^^ 2 = 10 and in hex: 0x8 ^^ 0x2 = 0xA. The symbol for Xor is two of these: ^^



In each set, the result is 1 if the first AND the second diget are 1, if that is not true the result is 0.

0000 (This is are answer, in dec and hex it is zero)

So 8 && 2 = 0 and in hex: 0x8 && 0x2 = 0x0. The symbol for And is two of these: &&

Ori, Xori, & Andi are the same thing, but they take a immediate value that you give and a register, and not two register contents.

Please +Rep / Donate / Give Me a Medal (I would rather have a medal Smile ) if it helped or you thought it was a good guide.
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Or, Xor, & And Command Tutorial
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