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 [Tutorial] Making One Hit/Shot Kill

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PostSubject: [Tutorial] Making One Hit/Shot Kill   Sun Oct 03, 2010 4:25 pm

Hi I am SXYxJeff and in this tutorial I am going to show you how to make One Hit/Shot Kill. I am Making it for Soul Caliber Broken Destiny.

What you will need to know

- Patience because it might take a while
- Unknown Value (32Bit) Searching
- How to UnDMA Single Level DMA

Now making One Hit/Shot Kill is easy when you have a health bar, but if you do no it is a little bit harder but not much.
You just need to keep track of it yourself. Luckily for me Soul Caliber Broken Destiny has a health bar for me and my enemy's health. Okay now lets get started.

How to Make One Shot/Hit Kill

Step 1. Go into your NitePr go to [PRX] and set Pause game to True

Step 2. Go to Searcher and Find Unknown Value - 32 Bit

Step 3. Now go back into game and hurt your enemy

Step 4. Go back into your NitePr menu and search less i believe it is option 3 (dont have my psp to check Razz)

Step 5. Go back into game and do not touch him or do anything that might make him lose health

Step 6 . Go into NitePr and search Same, this will get rid of a lot of junk results

Step 7. Repeat Step 3 - Step 6 until you have about 10 results. Note: Make sure you do not kill him but if you do , go into exact search and search 00000000 because he has no life left.

Step 8. Press "X" on all of your results to save them to your cheat data base, then go into [PRX] and save cheats. This is so in case you freeze you will not have to restart you can just pick up where you left off.

Step 9. Test your codes one by one, i usually test them with 15/1000 hz but it is not necessary.

Step 10. Once you find your result plugin your psp into your computer copy erase all the codes that did not work and add credit to the code that did.

For Example: This was my result luckily my code was not DMA
[ULES-01298] Soul Caliber Broken Destiny
0x003FA30C 0x00000001

Your code will most likely be DMA. To make it simple DMA is basically when you code only work with one map or one character. If your code works with all characters and all maps skip congratulations you are done, but if you are one of the unlucky ones look around the site for a DMA guide and follow it so that your are able to UnDMA your code.

I hope you liked my guide, I will be making more guides in the future. Maybe I will make a follow up guide on how to UnDma your codes, or a Infinite Health tutorial but this is it for now. Please do not steal credit for the guide or the code. Thanks for reading and hope this helped you.

- Code and Guide made by SXYxJeff

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PostSubject: Re: [Tutorial] Making One Hit/Shot Kill   Mon Oct 04, 2010 12:15 am

Nice guide, thanks for posting Smile
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[Tutorial] Making One Hit/Shot Kill
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